All waiting lists will be closed until further notice.

NOTICE: Greenville Housing Commission will be fully transitioning all active and future Housing Choice Vouchers as well as all current waiting list applicants over to MSHDA effective January 1, 2021. We anticipate that this will be a seamless transfer and look forward to helping everyone maintain their program status.

Mission Statement:

The Greenville Housing Commission is committed to excellence in providing quality housing and an environment which will ensure all Residents the following; opportunity, access to resources and the expectation that our communities will be a safe and secure place to live so that they can all realize their full potential.

To achieve the mission statement we will:

·   Recognize residents as our ultimate customer;
·   Improve commission management and service delivery efforts through effective and efficient management of commission staff;
·   Seek problem-solving partnerships with residents, community and government leadership;
·   And apply limited commission resources to the effective and efficient management and operation of public housing programs.


Lorri J. Brookman | Executive Director
Lawrence S. Engel | Director of IT
Rex M. Bannen | Maintenance Supervisor
Ashley Spencer | Program Manager – Housing Voucher Program
Dylan Meyers | Maintenance Worker
Michael McCarty | Maintenance Worker

Board of Commissioners:

Michael Hurst | President
Gary Valentine | Vice President
Karen Baird | 2nd Vice President
Maureen Dodd | Commissioner
Larry Alman | Commissioner

Contact info:

Phone: 616-754-7179

Fax: 616-754-1393


Office Address: 308 East Oak St. Greenville, MI 48838