Mission Statement:

The Greenville Housing Commission is committed to excellence in providing quality housing and an environment which will ensure all Residents the following; opportunity, access to resources and the expectation that our communities will be a safe and secure place to live so that they can all realize their full potential.

To achieve the mission statement we will:

  • Recognize residents as our ultimate customer;
  • Improve commission management and service delivery efforts through effective and efficient management of commission staff;
  • Seek problem-solving partnerships with residents, community and government leadership;
  • Apply limited commission resources to the effective and efficient management and operation of public housing programs.


  • Ashley Spencer | Executive Director
  • Lawrence S. Engel | Director of IT
  • Cara Swan | Administrative Assistant
  • Dylan Meyers | Maintenance Worker
  • James Cowling | Maintenance Worker

Board of Commissioners:

  • Gary Valentine | President
  • Michael Hurst | Vice President
  • Maureen Dodd | Commissioner
  • Larry Alman | Commissioner
  • Donna Day | Commissioner

Contact info:

Phone: 616-754-7179

Fax: 616-754-1393

Email: info@greenvillehousing.org

Office Address: 308 East Oak St. Greenville, MI 48838